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Saturday 10th September 2016 - 10pm-4am

Søpavillonen - Gyldenløvesgade 24 - 1369 Copenhagen K 




Link for presale tickets. Ticket sale opens on June 26, 3pm. There will be cheap EarlyBird tickets from DKK 250,- for the quick ones. 

Tickets at the door DKK 400,-
Guests under 27 of age 50% discount at the door.
Cash only, no cards!

If you have VIP2016 membership, you have already paid. So just lean back, relax and look forward to the party.
Membership of ManiFest is not required at Fetish Fashion Party. You simply buy a ticket.





Proudly presenting Dawnamatrix Designs
Latex couture from Seattle, USA.
Dawnamatrix Designs merges fine art and technology with high style as a vision for the future of fashion.
Dawnamatrix Designs garments have been worn by celebrities and performers such as Sharon Stone, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Bjork, and Pink.
Showcasing a full range of wardrobe pieces for men and women. www.dawnamatrix.com 

PP Playroom



Exclusive playroom furniture, toys, machines and visuals.
Designed and delivered by Sebastian Solo / www.proudandperverted.com 
Corporal Punishment Zone
Classroom and gym class discipline.
Exam-Insertion-Station & Gyno Zone
Gyno and Anal Examinations, Fisting, Stretching and Play.
Fucking Machines, Electro Play & Orgasm Zone
Vibrations, Insertions, Electro Play and Forced Orgasms by machines.
Fuck Furniture Zone
A variety of Fuck Furniture for your perverted pleasures.
Proud and Perverted Casting Couch
Proud and Perverted casting call booth.
Let your exhibitionist loose and see yourself on camera!
(No recordings!)




Presenting very special guest Ingrid Chavez.
She will make a short appearance singing one of the old Madonna hits, that she wrote with Lenny Kravitz.
Remade by DJ Mashti especially for Manifest with LOVE.
Justify my love.

MisSa Blue
Photo: Ayesha Hussain



Award winning multi skilled speciality act, who excites with tantalising personality and electrifies the whole venue.
MisSa Blue is an international renowned performer who is dazzling audiences with her exotic sex appeal and dangerous stunts, in her well rehearsed acts.
A femme fatale that’s blurring the lines between entertainment and performance Art.
She presents two shows at Fetish Fashion Party.




The Dutch designer, Peter Domenie, creates high-quality club and fetish fashion. His constantly evolving collections for men and women are made of PVC, vegan leather, and latex.

He creates small special edition collections, which are made of stretch materials featuring original prints and innovative fabric treatments.
Peter Domenie is also known for his textured latex, a technique of creating detailed prints and graphics that will never fade or rub off.

Peter Domenie's collections are produced in the Netherlands and Great Britain using only the best quality fabrics and trim.


Photo: Nude Art Photo



Experience this bondage galore extravaganza, when 18 rope bondage enthusiasts, riggers and models take over a part of the playroom and bondage rig.

Crazy Knots & Rope Burns are proud to announce a variety of intense, caressing, manipulative, seducing hard, fun and impressive rope bondage in the bondage area on the first floor.
During the night we will use more than 500 meters of rope in total and take your breath away with great rope fun.

The rope area is for everyone, so if you like to tie with us, be welcome to grab your rope and join us!




SMil Copenhagen is once again hosting The Preparty the day before Fetish Fashion Party.
You will find 311m2 of well equipped playroom with a little bar, offering beverages at friendly prices.
This event is for the playful, but also gives room for hanging out and meet new kinky friends.
Entrance is only 80,- DKR if you are not a SMil member.
Door opens 8pm and the party is open until the last whipping.
Dresscode is sexy, fetish, sm, black, etc.

Skjulhøj Alle 57A
2720 Vanløse

More line-up to be announced. Stay tuned....!!    


Dominatrix Salon
Rubber VacBed
DJ's & dance floor
Chillout Lounge
Changing room
Lake view smoking balcony



Leather, Pvc, Rubber, Wetlook, Silk/Satin, Trans/Drag, Lingerie, Parade/Galla Uniforms, sexual expressions




ManiFest is a place, where sensitive affairs happen and personal boundaries are explored. It requires a safe atmosphere and a high degree of mutual respect. This is something that has been emphasized again and again from the very beginning of ManiFest in 1998 and
it has worked.

ManiFest is an event with a completely unique feel and an extreme degree of respect between the guests. It is a place where people live out their secret fantasies and share sexual experiences.

In fact, the atmosphere is so good, that we have stopped mentioning it in newsletters and the media. Respectful behaviour has become a matter of course. Something that is deeply embedded in our ManiFest culture and something new members capture and follow.

It rarely happens that we see it slip, but at the last ManiFest it actually happened twice. Two encounters with physical scuffle between guests. No huge drama, but two uncomfortable incidents, where it ended in some degree of violence.
This is completely unacceptable and should never occur at ManiFest!
Both episodes arise because of disrespectful behaviour and it is therefore necessarry to remind everybody of our Code of Conduct and acceptable behaviour, when participating in ManiFest.
Be polite, kind, respectful and have an open mind and attitude, no matter who you meet.

Please don't:

  • Touch anybody, unless you are absolutely sure it will be received well.
  • Follow anybody.
  • Hit, kick, push, pull, pinch, squeeze etc.

Apologize if you feel you have suddenly crossed a line. Show respect!

It goes without saying that the Code of Conduct applies no matter if you are in party mood, dominant, horny, submissiv or something in between.
If your limits are crossed by somebody, please don't react physically. Address it verbally, or contact the bouncer, a Manifest Guide or myself (Stig).

You don't necessarily get excluded for life, but I have to stress that guests who have difficulties complying with our Code of Conduct, will be asked to leave the party and maybe asked to stay completely away from ManiFest in the future.


It is not permitted to be heavily and visibly intoxicated.

It is not permitted to be under influence of drugs.

It is not permitted to take drugs.

It is not permitted to ask for drugs.

It is not permitted to offer or sell drugs.

If the organizer, or a person appointed by the organizer, or other staff at the party believes, that one of the above rules are violated, it will result in immediate eviction from the party.

The organizer will afterwards assess the possibility of exclusion from ManiFest for a period of time.

Decisions are not necessarily based on objective findings, but can be made from a subjective assessment of a situation. When a decision is made, it is final and not up for discussion. 

The danish fetish crowd meets 6-7 times a year, to share kinky fantasies, to flirt, dance, and meet like-minded friends. You are invited to join the party ...

ManiFest is a lustful alternative to the superficial everyday mainstream culture, with all its sexual double-standards, hypocracy and superficiality. 
We celebrate freedom, flirtation, hedonism and ecstacy. We manifest our inner selves, our hidden fascinations and sensual visions. 
Fantasies about fetishism, seduction, erotic role-playing, cross-dressing, body art, exhibitionism and erotic dominance are made real!

We are a club for fetishists, but our members come from many different sexual subcultures; voyeurs and exhibitionists, swingers, BDSM players, drag queens and kings, transvestites and transsexuals, goths, gays, lesbians and bisexuals, techno-ravers, cyberpunks and modern primitives. Experienced players as well as enthusiatic beginners of all sexes and persuasions, make ManiFest a mixing pot of sexuality and a playground of intimacy.

All are welcome, but we do have some demands and rules:

Everyone must show a good and respectful behaviour towards others.

Everyone must follow our dresscode:
Leather, Pvc, Rubber, Wetlook, Silk/Satin, Trans/Drag, Lingerie, Parade/Galla Uniforms, sexual expressions.

You will not be admitted if you do not follow the dresscode. No streetwear, blue jeans, etc.

And we love when our members are creative, personal and original in designing their fetish outfits!

Each party has an underlying theme, for inspiration and erotic challenge. In some cases the dresscode is broadened according to the theme; please check the calendar and the monthly newsletter.

ManiFest encourages passionate flirtation, extreme desire and open playfulness. Many members love to look and show off, and to enjoy sex and fetish play in front of others. It is of course totally up to the individual, whether you want to look or not – or if you want to show off and play.
Freedom, desire and mutual respect are important keywords for ManiFest.
Failure to uphold the rules, written or unwritten, can lead to banishment from ManiFest.

Each party contains several zones, including a pulsating dancefloor, a well-assorted bar, cafe tables and chill out areas. We also have a well-equipped playroom area with bondage- and fetish-furniture, as well as a darkroom where anything can happen ...

Photography is not allowed at ManiFest! This is to respect many of our members’ wishes for anonymity and discretion. If, on rare occasions, ManiFest is photographing for our homepage or other media, displays will be posted at the entrance, and no-one will be photographed against their wishes.

ManiFest has over 1400 members...........
We are looking forward to seeing you too?



SexSalonen Interview

Høre SexSalonen
om ManiFest's fortid, nutid og fremtid.

SexSalonen interview


11. June 2016
ManiFest (theme TBA)
Venue TBA


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